Sun visors

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Thanks to their functionality, sun visors are an integral part of modern construction technologies. They are an excellent protection against sun, wind, rain, snow and other weather phenomena. Currently, we consider them as standard equipment in every home. The main features of the covers are:


They provide full protection of the window against adverse weather conditions.


They effectively protect the building against vandalism and hinder burglary.


The profile of the cover is filled with polyurethane foam, and the space created between the window and the profile is an “air cushion”, which is an excellent barrier between the interior of the room and the weather conditions – in summer it prevents excessive heating of rooms, and in winter it reduces heating costs.


The covers are tailored to the individual needs of the customer. A wide range of colors has been selected in a way that allows composing the covers with the window or the facade.


During the production process, we take care of every detail so that the roller blind will work flawlessly for many years.


The covers reduce external noise and ensure the privacy of residents, pleasant rest and relaxation.


Electric drives and remote controls facilitate use. Being anywhere in your home, you can open or close one or several external covers with a single button. Thanks to the use of a timer, you can easily go on vacation – the covers are programmed in the day and night functions.


Sun visors

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