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MC Wall Aliplast
  • The system is intended for the design of modern curtain walls with simple and complex shapes
  • The system is the basis of facade constructions: MC Passive, MC Passive +, MC Glass and the MC Fire fire protection solution
  • The MC Wall system offers wide possibilities of shaping the building It offers structures that open in the facade: parallel windows (MC PW) and roof windows (MC RW)
  • The system is intended for the design of modern curtain walls with simple and complex shapes
  • The visual width of the mullion-transom: 55 mm MC Wall curtain wall consists of vertical mullions and horizontal transoms connected with each other by means of stainless steel pins -2 6 stainless steel fasteners per one node ensure a very high load-bearing capacity of the mullion-transom connection, both in the plane of wind pressure and in the plane of loading with filling, which does not interfere with the possibility of using traditional transom supports or fixing them only front screws
  • A wide range of mullions and transoms is available, adapted to static requirements
  • The possibility of building insulators depending on the thickness of the fillings
  • Facilitating the application of vapor-tight and vapor-permeable aprons around the perimeter of the facade in accordance with the new guidelines for the assembly of aluminum structures
  • A wide range of masking strips allows for obtaining varied visual effects for a curtain wall
  • Possibility to bend profiles in both planes (exact profile specification and details of the technical parameters of profile bending – available in the area authorized at
  • The possibility of varnishing according to the RAL palette (Qualicoat 1518), in the wood structure Aliplast Wood Color Effect (Qualideco PL-0001), anodized finish (Qualanod 1808), also bi-color

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