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We offer rolling, sectional and up-and-over doors.

Rolling gate

It is made of aluminum profiles filled with polyurethane foam. It can be equipped with “Black-skinned” “Austrian in a box”, which improves the aesthetics, covers the spool of profiles and creates a pleasant impression. Runners with brush seal gaskets for an elegant finish. The materials used in the production of rolling shutters are strong and resistant, and provide good thermal and acoustic insulation. The system will find application in new facilities and in the renovation of the answer. It can be installed in a place intended for use, in an opening or behind a building opening. It is a solution for atypical garages and other rooms, regardless of the shape of the fashion. The small profiles also contain turning radii. The roller door allows you to leave free space under the ceiling, access to localization on the spot, and space for any use, both in the garage and in front of it. The ceiling is also undeveloped, which can be installed in place, for example, a lamp or a place. The standard local equipment includes a drive, emergency control in the event of a power failure. Provide remote control, support for opening and closing the gate, and additional security such as Security. safety brake, optoelectric strip, set of photocells. For more detail, you can profile an extruded with windows or a ventilation profile. There is a wide range of colors available, both from the RAL palette and veneers in wood-like shades.

We also offer industrial roller gates made of steel profiles with the possibility of making a curtain for the opening up to 45 m².

Sectional Gate

It is made of warm steel segments, especially designed for garages / rooms where temperature maintenance is important. Low heat transfer coefficient is obtained by using panels filled with polyurethane foam and durable sealing systems. The system provides comfort of use, good thermal and acoustic insulation. It is used in residential buildings and industrial facilities. The door leaf moves along vertical and horizontal guides attached to the ceiling. It is a perfect solution for atypical garages and other rooms, regardless of the shape of the opening. The proposed solution leaves the maximum amount of space for any use both in the garage and in front of it. In addition, the panels are well protected – equipped with mechanical systems of protection against burglary. Manual or automatic control. A wide range of possibilities allows you to adjust the color of the system to the color of the building, each client can find the most convenient solution. A wide range of colors from the RAL palette and a variety of glazing are available.

Overhead gate

It is made of galvanized steel sheet or of perforated galvanized steel sheet. Galvanization of the profiles protects against corrosion and weather conditions. The up-and-over door system is very safe, it has flexible protective caps on the lever arms and plastic strips between the door leaf and the frame. This helps to minimize the risk of accidentally pinching your fingers. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can make a hinged door in a set with a wicket door, which allows you to enter the garage without having to open the entire door. A proven solution is used both in garages of single-family houses and in collective garages. We offer a wide range of colors from both the RAL palette and veneered colors (wood imitation). Automatic control ensures comfortable operation.

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    Thanks to the use of the latest solutions and technologies, you can be sure that our products are prepared with the utmost care.

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    The excellent thermal insulation of our products allows you to keep warm inside the house. This is not only lower electricity bills, but also a positive impact on the environment.

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Created with passion