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Aluminum doors

Our modern and modernist aluminum doors, thanks to the use of the latest solutions and technologies, are characterized by aesthetics and excellent thermal insulation.


Aluminum doors are primarily durability and certainty that the profiles used will last for years. Comfort is achieved thanks to excellent thermal and acoustic insulation as well as safety, which is guaranteed by aluminum doors.


Thanks to the solutions used in the production of aluminum doors, high thermal and acoustic insulation parameters are achieved. This directly affects the heat escaping through the door and consequently your heating bills.


We have a wide range of elegant and modern systems that will make your interiors unique and tailored to your expectations.

PVC doors

A wide range of solutions for plastic joinery systems allows you to choose PVC doors that meet all customer expectations, both in existing and newly built buildings, also in stylish, modern facilities. A properly selected visualization is an individual character. See what are the advantages of PVC doors.


Modern designs, a wide range of colors will give your space a unique character. Design your interiors and elevations, and with us choose the appropriate form, color and equipment that can be freely configured. Complete the interior of your rooms by choosing the right PVC doors.


Thanks to the use of the latest technology in the production of PVC doors, we reduce the costs of your investment. Thanks to this, you can choose PVC doors to your requirements. Plastic joinery systems (PVC door systems) provide optimal lighting of the rooms inside, thanks to the narrow width of the profiles, which contributes to the feeling of greater space and the possibility of admiring external views.


PVC doors, i.e. plastic doors, provide protection against external factors such as: low temperature, rain and snowfall, theft and noise. The heat impermeability to the outside is due to the multi-chamber profiles and the possibilities of multi-glass packages. The applied solutions have a direct impact on reducing the cost of insulating the entire building. In addition to the noticeable changes in our wallets, this has a huge impact on the environment.


Resistance to external dirt and corrosion are another of the advantages of PVC doors. This is achieved with fittings that are used in the manufacturing process. Anti-burglary protection and a high level of security are ensured by the appropriate depth of the PVC door profiles.