Interior fittings


Additionally, Bauservice offers a wide range of innovative solutions for comprehensive furnishing of houses, apartments and all types of office and industrial facilities. Modern materials, such as aluminum, glass, timeless design, style and a wide range of possible applications are the basic features that characterize our complementary offer. The lightness of the structure gives a specific shape, while the wide range of variants allows for the implementation of the most demanding projects.



Thanks to the advanced technology and quality of the materials used, additional products in our offer guarantee a light structure, various shapes of profiles affect durability and a slim appearance. When preparing the product, we make every effort to give a specific style and character, while developing a new combination and design. A wide range of possibilities to adjust the structure allows for the implementation of the project not only in new buildings but also in existing buildings.



A properly selected profile / element affects the durability, aesthetics and emphasizes the specific appearance. The quality of the elements used and a wide range of colors guarantee reliability and elegance. Unique design reflecting the appropriate advantages of use – each project is considered individually.

Why Bauservice

  • Quality

    Thanks to the use of the latest solutions and technologies, you can be sure that our products are prepared with the utmost care.

  • Ecology

    The excellent thermal insulation of our products allows you to keep warm inside the house. This is not only lower electricity bills, but also a positive impact on the environment.

  • Partnership

    Professional advice and support during the entire service process will make finishing your home a pleasure!

  • Rozwój

    Rozwijamy się i doskonalimy wprowadzając najnowsze technologie również dzięki Funduszom Norweskim.

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